Cutting The Cord - A Different Perspective on Wireless Charging Pad Desks

Cutting The Cord - A Different Perspective on Wireless Charging Pad Desks

The emergence of new technologies has always been at the forefront of workplace evolution, and wireless technologies have done more to change the modern workplace than any other invention. 

Before we delve into the pros and cons of investing in a wireless charging pad desk, perhaps we should take a look at what a technology like this even brings to the table.

We all want to rid our workplace of needless wires and all the clutter they cause, but until fairly recently, there was still a need for them in regards to charging our many wireless devices. 

Although the devices themselves were wireless, their chargers clearly were not. This, as we all know, appears to be changing nowadays, at a fairly quick pace.

Even though charging a single device may not be too much of a hassle, the situation changes when you’re dealing with multiple devices all at once. It would also be fair to point out that not even ‘wireless’ charging is all that wireless to the extent to which we still need to connect the charging pads themselves to wall outlets.

A futuristic solution

If we take a gander at what the market has in store in regards to wireless-oriented furniture, we can see that other than perhaps Ikea to some extent, not many furniture manufacturers have made many breakthroughs on the matter. That said setting up a wireless charging pad desk should be considered a DIY project more than anything.

For the exact specifics and requirements, you are bound to find a blog or two detailing the process, but the fact of the matter remains that wireless pads still have to blend into a modern desktop. 

This, unfortunately, is easier said than done because some desks are too bulky to accommodate a wireless charging pad or too thin to withstand the transformation.

Now, the benefits of wireless charging are pretty obvious. No longer must you fiddle with cables and adapters under the desk, sometimes with minimal visibility. Instead, all you have to do is to lay down your Qi-ready device on the designated place on the table and you’re done. This is why setting the space up is so important.

The logistics of setting up a wireless charging pad desk

It goes without saying that unless you somehow find a Qi-capable piece of furniture by some miracle, you’re gonna have to build the setup yourself. For this, you’re most likely going to need a set of tools, mainly a chisel and mallet, a hot glue gun, a pencil, a tape measure, and a woodworking router if you feel like it.

You will notice that setting up a wireless charging pad desk takes less than other DIY projects but it can still keep you engaged for a couple of hours at least. Depending on your craftiness, you’re going to need to first set up the table in a way that enables you to work on it. You then find a wireless charger to build into the top of the table.

Fortunately enough, wireless chargers like ENERQi are very accommodating and can easily blend into your average tabletop provided that you have the tools and ability for it. 

With ENERQi you simply have to plan your pad placement, once selected (on your desk or chosen table) simply attach via the complementary adhesive strips or screw-in for a more permanent fix.

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