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Setting up an in Desk Wireless Charger for All Your Wireless Charging Needs

Setting up an in Desk Wireless Charger for All Your Wireless Charging Needs

Although nobody in their right mind would suggest that you undergo a DIY project to set up an actual in-desk wireless charger, you should bear in mind that there are solutions out there for this exact scenario. In truththe development of revolutionary Qi wireless charging technologies saw an increase in embedded wireless chargers across many sectors of the market.

It needs to be said that the industry has little to offer in regards to in desk wireless chargers but that the few solutions that exist are definitely worth a mention. To put it bluntly, your safest bet right now is to invest in a reliable Qi wireless charger that you can somehow incorporate into an already existing piece of furniture like a desk or bedside table. 

That said, you shouldn’t get your hopes too high as far as specially designed furniture goes because these types of desks usually come with structural limitations and a reduced capacity for readjustment.

Making the hard choices

While the furniture itself may not be all that charger-friendly at this point in time, the selection of ingenious wireless chargers that you can repurpose for the task is certainly worth looking at. To be more precise, some  wireless chargers like ENERQi can deliver a consistent charge through surfaces up to 30mm thick.

So if you’re on the market for an in desk wireless charger that can penetrate almost any surface, you have some options to consider. Know that the good ones can not only penetrate organic surfaces but can do the same through virtually any surface provided it’s not made of metal or any other induction-obstructing material.

As you may already know, the basic requirement for any Qi wireless charger is that the tabletop allows the creation of a seamless and consistent magnetic field to facilitate the induction resonance required to charge a Qi-ready device.

In this respect, the surface needs to be relatively thin or at least not too thick, and that it can be penetrated by the charger’s magnetic resonance. It goes without saying that desks and tables with a metal top should be thoroughly avoided for obvious reasons.

Avoiding clutter altogether

Wireless chargers enjoy a sudden yet well-deserved rise in popularity across the world and it’s easy to see how this would give rise to embedding options across the board. More precisely, people have started embedding these chargers into desk lamps, tabletop appliances, and even inside the desks themselves.

With more and more embedding options becoming viable as a result of the miniaturization of wireless chargers, a decent in desk wireless charger can provide a permanent solution to desktop clutter in more ways than one. 

Over time, this is a sure way to reduce clutter and rid yourself of all the wires and adapters that tend to pile up on the table.

By reducing the amount of needless clutter, you not only gain a cleaner and more accessible work environment but also ensure that your devices will get properly charged without any risk of wear & tear. Then again, this is one of the many benefits of modern wireless chargers regardless of their design.

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