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Using Wireless Chargers to Reduce Office Clutter and Maximize Workplace Efficiency

Using Wireless Chargers to Reduce Office Clutter and Maximize Workplace Efficiency

The use of wireless chargers has increased a lot over these past few years and it’s easy to see why. Not only does wireless charging provide a practical alternative to traditional chargers but it also becomes a matter of convenience and accessibility for anyone who no longer wants to deal with clutter and loose wires around their desk.

To add to that, wireless chargers tend to bring a futuristic outlook to your workspace by virtue of their interesting design and application. You will also run into the occasional wireless charger with through table applications, the type of charger that can deliver its charge through almost any type of table or desk.

Given the widespread applications of reliable wireless chargers at this point in time, it goes without saying that a whole new market is opening up for them right now. This market is still dominated by independent manufacturers for the most part but established tech giants are catching up rather quickly.

A wide range of applications

Benefitting from a practical design and a fairly dependable application, you will find wireless chargers nowadays that can fit almost anywhere. Small and easy to install, decent wireless chargers can either be used in their natural state or installed into various types of furniture as long as they allow it. In all fairness, earlier models were a bit too bulky for that as some of you might remember.

Bear in mind that although some furniture manufacturers have made great strides in coming up with ingenious wireless-friendly furniture, the market still has a long way to go until this becomes a global standard. If anything, you can count the manufacturers that build wireless charging furniture on one hand.

Having said that, the fact that a decent wireless charger can charge a lot more than just smartphones is reason enough for them to grow in popularity on a monthly basis. Furthermore, a wireless charger with through table charging capabilities is guaranteed to prove useful long-term as long as you look at it as an investment into your own future.

To put it bluntly, more and more devices are built with Qi-ready charging functions, which makes the case for investing in a wireless charger sooner rather than later. Over time, it might very well be that all smart devices will possess remote charging capabilities, so it would make sense to set up your desktop in a way that would allow you to accommodate future devices you might be inclined to purchase.

An ergonomic desktop is a futuristic desktop

It doesn’t take a sci-fi aesthetic for a wireless charger to showcase a practical design that would blend well in almost any décor. Too many first-generation wireless chargers suffered from a bulky and otherwise impractical design, a problem that was since fixed with the development of versatile chargers that you can blend into almost any desk or table.

As we already pointed out, some furniture manufacturers have started to capitalize on the sudden rise in popularity of not only wireless chargers but a whole heap of other wireless charging accessories. Although the focus for most of us is on wireless chargers with through table charging functions and the like, arguments can be made about similar contraptions.

For instance, know that some furniture manufacturers are coming up with not only tables and desks but wireless-friendly lights, cabinets, armchairs, and various freestanding accessories. 

To some degree, you might also run into the occasional work lamp with inbuilt wireless charging features, although this isn’t something you can expect from non-specialized pieces.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to using a wireless charger in this day and age is the convenience you get for such a seemingly small thing. Unlike traditional chargers, a wireless one doesn’t require that you fumble with cords or ports to any extent. Simply place the device that needs charging on the designated spot and you’re good to go.


If you are yet to make use of a wireless charger by now, you most likely have questions regarding its general use and practical nature. Worry not, although the technology is relatively new, we already know a lot about their feats and weaknesses. Overall, it seems that wireless chargers have a lot more benefits than they do flaws; both in regards to function and logistics.

Q: Is charging speed affected by the tabletop?

A:Should you decide to install a wireless charger into or underneath your desk, you should know that the material structure of the tabletop can affect the charger’s overall delivery to some extent. When running a wireless charger through the table within normal parameters, the charging speed will decrease ever so slightly if the table is made of particularly dense materials.

Q: Does using a wireless charger require prior preparation?

A:Unless you’re dealing with a peculiar charger that requires prior assembly, the answer is no. Most wireless chargers can either be used in their default state or installed into any piece of furniture they would fit into. This means that you aren’t required to use any additional tools, cords, ports, or adapters to get the charger up and running, nor would you be required to make any modifications to your devices.

Q: Should I be worried about the charging speed?

A:When it comes to charging speeds, it isn’t so much the charger that determines how fast your device will charge but the device itself. For instance, Apple and Samsung devices can charge relatively quickly at between 7.5 and 9 watts respectively. Most Qi-ready devices, however, charge at a standard of 5 watts or less. 

We should also point out that many Qi-ready devices released recently are equipped with their manufacturer’s proprietary wireless chargers. These chargers are configured to deal with the particularities of specific devices and thus aren’t to be depended on when charging other devices.

All things considered

All in all, having a wireless charger at the ready is guaranteed to save you an awful lot of trouble in the long run by reducing the clutter caused by cords, ports, and adapters. Not just that but it will also reduce the crowding of wall sockets with multiple chargers at a time, as most Qi-ready devices can be charged with a single, universal wireless charger.

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