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How Qi Charging Is Shaping The Modern Office – Desk Qi Chargers Explained

How Qi Charging Is Shaping The Modern Office – Desk Qi Chargers Explained

If you've been following the evolution of high-end smartphones over these past few years, you will know by now that almost all of them are equipped with Qi-charging capabilities

While the actual standards may differ ever so slightly from one model to another, the principle is fairly consistent across the board.

Such is the consistency of Qi-ready smartphones and tablets that your average desk Qi charger can pretty much charge any compatible device with few issues to speak of. The technology has been thoroughly refined over these past few years to the point where it hardly has any downfall to speak of.

The Great Benefits of Qi Wireless Charging

Straight off the bat, the idea that you can charge your devices without having to deal with cables is a major plus for pretty much anyone. More so, yet, for people who work in busy workplaces where cables always pose a risk and an inconvenience. Those of you who have had the misfortune of tripping on charger cables should know this very well.

Seeing how often many of us rely on our phones during the day, it can be quite an inconvenience to constantly have to plug the charger cable in every time you get that low battery notification. With a Qi charger, you can simply lay the phone down on the designated charging spot in one smooth motion.

A Desk Qi Charger for Greater Convenience

If you find yourself in the position to acquire a desk Qi charger right now and you’re still having second thoughts, you can rest assured that whatever inconsistencies and shortcomings earlier chargers had, have long been fixed. Provided you get a decent one, you won’t even notice the difference when sitting at your desk.

Interestingly enough, many wireless desk chargers come equipped with specific accessories that allow you to integrate them into your desk without drawing too much attention to their presence.

While many high-end devices have their own designated or exclusive chargers, you are bound to find one that incorporates a more accommodating interface. This kind of versatility should enable you to charge virtually any Qi-ready device out there with almost no restrictions regarding model, size, or casing.

Less Clutter on Your Desktop

Perhaps the greatest advantage to using a desk Qi charger in a modern office is the freedom it offers in regards to available space. Even though you can have the charger embedded in another appliance, it seems that most people prefer to position it underneath the desk, thus offering a greater range of movement atop the table.

With space being of the issue for most offices, cables seem to go out of style around the world for this exact reason. More and more office appliances are becoming wireless as new technologies emerge and chargers are certainly among them.

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that in a decade or two, the majority of smartphones, tablets, and notebooks will incorporate some form of Qi charging capabilities.

After all, the acquisition of a Qi charger that you can fit underneath your desk should be seen as an investment and not as the fad as some people still wrongly believe it to be. With everything else going wireless nowadays, it only makes sense for our chargers to follow suit.

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