Speed and Consistency: The ENERQi Experience

Speed and Consistency: The ENERQi Experience

If you're in the market for a fast wireless charger that you can depend on, you will have noticed by now how broad the definition of a wireless charger is. So finding a reliable and consistent wireless charger in this market can be rather difficult, more so if you want the charger to also be fast and functional.

While most smartphone manufacturers have proprietary wireless chargers, they cannot be depended on to effectively charge devices bearing different brands. Even if they do, by some miracle, manage to accommodate the foreign device onto the charge pad, the charging speed will be anything but fast.

This is where a charger like ENERQi comes into play. A charger that isn't built with a specific device in mind but rather with a broad and accommodating purpose. By virtue of its versatile engineering, it is compatible with most Qi-enabled Android and Apple devices bar none.

Speed Is of the Essence

The first thing people ask when encountering a wireless charger is always the same - is wireless charging faster or slower than wired options? By taking into consideration what the market has to offer in regards to wireless charging, let us point out that it isn't really a cut and dry, yes or no answer.

With a state of the art charger like ENERQi, the answer will always be a definite 'yes' on account of the groundbreaking modules it incorporates. This might not always be the case with standard wireless chargers, especially the ones that weren't meant for broad usage.

While a decent charger like ENERQi can deliver a consistent 10W charge across distances of up to 30mm through virtually any surface, others fail to even penetrate standard wooden tabletops. 

In this regard, a good charger can fully charge your phone wirelessly in less than 30 minutes or so under normal circumstances.

Bear in mind that speed is often affected by the surface between the charger itself and the fast wireless charging pad above. Depending on the thickness and material structure of the table, charging speeds can decrease up to 30% or more.

What to Look for in a Wireless Charger

The quest for a fast charge wireless charger begins not with a brand-seeking attitude but with careful and thorough research. Many are the manufacturers who would advertise their chargers as fast and reliable when in reality, the balance between speed and dependability is very difficult to reach.

You need to understand that the Qi standard is still fairly new and that as such, some manufacturers fail to engineer their devices with the capacity to handle certain charging pads. This is an unfortunate reality, but one that chargers like ENERQi are fully equipped for.

As technology evolves, newer phones and tablets can wirelessly charge at speeds of up to 10 or even 15 Watts depending on a series of finely-tuned modules. In this respect, it isn't so much the charger that guarantees the charging speed but the device itself.

To save yourself some trouble later on, always be on the lookout for a charger that clearly states its charging potential on the packaging. While you're at it, make sure that the charger in question can also accommodate different types of Qi-enabled devices for good measure.

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